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Back to the Beginning

A. My last post should not in any way be taken to mean that I don't want recs for good Snape/OFC or Tonks/whoever or anything. I always like good recs. Rec me anything. (*Is* there good Snermione?)

B. The Bill/Sirius/Tonks fic has gone to beta, bitches. Well, one, anyway. Anybody else want to help? NC-17 10k+ words gotta be quick.

Thirdly. I miss Rana today and have a bit too much time on my hands, so...

How Remus/Sirius Got Me Into Fandom

Setting the scene... It was the summer of 2005. I had seen the first three Harry Potter movies (because wizardry is teh cool), but only read the first book (and that had been years previously). I didn't read more because honestly, it wasn't that compelling - but my sister kept trying to get me to read the rest of the books (she was unaware of fanfic at that time). I watched in detached amusement as she pre-ordered Half-Blood Prince and showed up at the bookstore at midnight to pick it up. "What does she think this is?" I asked myself. "Lord of the Rings?" Hee.

Due to some personal events, I was spending some time off from work, and things in my life were, in a word, completely fucked. So naturally I was spending a heck of a lot of time online, and that meant Livejournal. Now, spend enough time on Livejournal and you will eventually discover metaquotes, which I did; spend enough time on metaquotes and you will be led to many, many fannish things. For me, it was fanficrants and perposterice that caught my attention. The first fic I ever read was crack!fic Harry/Draco on Perposterice, based on a "summery execution" from one of mctabby's lists.

Yeah. That was also the fic that introduced me to the gay side of fanfic. Harry and Draco? I thought. Is this a joke? I think I assumed the gayness was part of the crack.

Anyway, a few weeks of that and I finally figured out that the "I do believe in commas; I do, I do" icons all over LJ weren't a reference to Peter Pan directly - they were from a fic called The Shoebox Project (shoebox_project). So I went over there and read the latest chapter that was up. (You can see that I wasn't taking this seriously, because I *always* start from the beginning if something matters.)

The latest chapter, at that time, was Chapter 23 - the first kiss between Remus and Sirius. And it's good, people. Really, really good. If you don't know Shoebox Project, go read Chapter 23 and see what I mean. I recommend the PDFs located here. So there I had this extremely interesting, compelling and very swoon-worthy kiss, and I just had to know how they got to that point, so I started reading the fic from the beginning.

The first chapter of Shoebox is letters, you might recall. And that's when I found myself hampered by lack of knowledge about the world. I knew "Moony" was Remus, but who were "P & P"? Luckily I had my sister to pester. She thought it was bizarre that I referred to Lupin as "Remus" and wanted to know so much about "Prongs", so I pointed her to the fic. After enough pestering, I realized I'd probably be better off just to read the darn things myself, so I did.

It was very shortly after finishing the books that I decided to get more into the fic stuff - naturally it started with a plot bunny, which, naturally, I've never finished. Ironically it was Snape/OFC, because I'd seen so much disparaging that and was determined to "prove" it could be done well. Luckily other more interesting things have cropped up since then. And really, it should have been Snape/Fleur anyway; there was no need for an OFC from Beauxbatons the same age as Fleur. Ooh, we should have Snape/Fleur one month over at snape_rarepairs. But I digress :).

My real breakthrough came when I saw a reference to the Snape Rare Slash fic-a-thon that quasi_hayley was running. I didn't make the sign-ups, but I got to pinch-hit and wrote a passable Snape/Lockhart for elanor_isolda. Is this the point where I say "the rest is history", or did I pass that point two paragraphs ago?

Anyway, that's my rambly story. I'd love to hear how all of you got turned on to HP or fandom or LJ or any mix of those. :D

*eta* is the coolest thing EVAR. I am now itching to collaborate on something!
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