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Excerpts and updates

Fanfic Nano: 9122 9505 words.

Harry and Lily had come over to listen to the Arrows game on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Roger Tremaine had been two inches from catching the Snitch when a news announcer had cut into the game. "We interrupt to bring you this important--"

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Sirius said in disgust. "Since when do they interrupt Quidditch matches - he was just about to catch it, wasn't he, Harry?"

"Shh!" Lily said, turning up the volume on the radio.

"--I repeat, a werewolf has escaped from Ministry custody. Vicious killer Remus Lupin has escaped after twelve years in the magical beast department of the Ministry. It is unknown at this time who was responsible for the escape, but all wizards and Muggles should be on the lookout. This particular werewolf was incarcerated after he attacked and killed a dozen Muggles, the day after--"

Lily shut the wireless off.

Harry's eyes were huge. "A werewolf? Escaped?"

Sirius slung his arm around the boy and forced a smile. "Nothing to worry about, sport. You'll be safe at Hogwarts in a few weeks time, and there isn't anything that's going to hurt you between now and then."

He met Lily's eyes across the room. "I promise."


Original Nano (which has now turned into an AU, non-magic Snarry fanfic *facepalm*): 5391 words. I doubt this one's seeing the light of day.

Hope everyone's doing well! I'm watching the flist but not posting, so general love to you all.

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