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Only a bit behind

Snarry Nano: over 20,000 words. Wheeee. I figure since it's a non-magic AU, I can change the names and call it original fic if I want. Hee.

Sirius Nano: Lily and Snape just interacted! Now I have no idea what happens next. I think I'm going to throw my outline out the window. Lily's story seems much more interesting than Sirius', at the moment. Wordcount: 16,119.

Snupin Santa: SO. CLOSE. I'm really almost finished. Really. *crosses fingers*

There's another exchange and a few other ideas in my head, but I'm not wasting my Nano-time on them! I am wasting it on posting a journal entry, reading my friends-list, and signing up for wizard_love, though. Ah well.
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