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Who won't I put Snape with?

So! celandineb is giving away drabbles and ficlets and I asked for one. You can too; she's taking requests from one and all. But I was wondering what ship to ask for... Let's see, Snape with someone different than I normally read, maybe. And not Hermione. Snape/Luna is a good rare one...

Hey! my brain said. How about Ginny?

*brain esplodey*

Seriously. I'm running out of brains. I've had so many *splodeys* in the past week it's really doing a number on my brain-regeneration capabilities.

Ahem. But why *not* Snape/Ginny? I mean, just because I've never even *heard* of it before... If you follow the Snape/Lily theory or think that they might even have been friends, then Snape/Ginny seems at least as likely as any other student (which I think is next to nil, but if you're going to spot me the Snape/former student thing anyway, then it's okay). More so, maybe. Also on the plus side, it means you could ship Harry with Draco or Ron or Neville or Fred or anyone else.

Of course, now I'm fending off vicious Snape/Ginny bunnies while I try to finish up my one last fic for an exchange. Wish me luck.
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