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Parade o' Fics, day 7

You know, there is nothing like trying to buckle down and finish just one fic to make new plot bunnies spawn with ferocious ferocity. But I digress.

Broken Wings (Charlie/Remus, R). Hurt/comfort.
The Bargain (Snupin, NC-17). Note that this isn't on Snupin Santa, so I might need to link it :)
An Interesting Offer (Snape/Narcissa, NC-17).
Time Served (Snupin, R) 2k words.
Everything Must Come and Go (Regulus/Sirius, NC-17).
Love Honor and Obey (Bill/Fleur, NC-17).
Taking Stock (Snape, PG).
What We're Fighting For (Snupin, R) 5300 words.
*** Opening Doors (Sirius/James/Harry, NC-17). HOLY MOTHER OF SMUTNESS. This is my new favorite pwp. And my new favorite OT3. Chan, incest, wrongness, and three boys in bed.
Untitled (Harry/Blaise, PG-13).
Hermione's Advice (Ron/Hermione, NC-17) 5k words.
Splinter (Snape/Harry, NC-17). Includes "plot, first-time, voyeurism, frottage, relationship against a social taboo." Sounds right up my alley!
We Should Have Loved More and Feared Less (Snupin, NC-17) 7300 words.
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