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I'm *not* procrastinating.

This fic is killing me in the best possible way. I mean, I've been killed by writing before, but this is awesome. But hard. But very awesome. I just have a few things to note:

1. I use the same phrases over and over and over. If I see one more biting of lips or gripping of table edges, I might scream. Also, I have used the word "stunned" about a GAZILLION times.

2. Betas are the most wonderful, amazing, precious things in the entire world. Klynie, Syne, Hasai, and Rana have all been excellent story consultants. It's amazing how this fic has evolved over the course of writing - as I turn to one person and then another for help in figuring out what this crazy plot is trying to do. *hugs and loves to all*

3. God damn, it got long. I like long fics as much as the next person (or more?) but I think 5k is a good limit unless you're going to go for a full-blown 20k short story. Know what I mean? This in-between length is just awkward.

In other writing news - actually, in other LJ news, I need to clean up my tags. Now, in other writing news, I'd like to talk a few moments about multiple pairings in fic requests. I need some anonymous sorts of pairings to use as examples, so I'll take - oh, how about the trio, since I never write trio fics? What I've been dealing with recently (in more than one exchange!) is the equivalent of:

Pairings requested: Hermione/Ron, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny.

In the same fic. Okay, so here's the problem with that. Whenever you have one person in multiple pairings in the same fic, you have to deal with it somehow. Either Hermione was with Ron and Harry at the same time (threesome? Cheating?) or she was with one, then was with the other (breaking up? Character death?). And if you do the same thing with Harry, well, now we've either got a foursome or cheating or a hell of a lot of plot required to explain about the break-ups.

Or you have to come up with some other more creative solution, and I really fail at creative solutions.

In summary, please think carefully before requesting multiple pairings in the same fic, unless it's clear that one or the other is more preferred, or that the Harry/Ginny can be a reference to the past, or whatever. And yes, I realize that usually the secondary pairings are optional, but still, just reading them and wondering "how on Earth...?" tends to break my brain.
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