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Back to life!

Finally, finally home. I'm never traveling anywhere again unless I make sure I will be able to connect to the internet with *my* laptop. *hugs wireless*

Some notes.
  • I'm SO glad I signed up for wizard_love. It's kept me from signing up for anything else, and it's manageable :). Fic underway!
  • London is one weird city, from the looks of it. I'm thinking I'll just stay at the hotel Sectus blocked rooms at, the Radisson Edwardian Grafton or whatsit. Internet. Nuff said.
  • Reveals going on in some fests just make me want to see who wrote for meeeee.
  • I think I owe a few things to a few people, but they're done, it's just a question of emailing the beta'ed versions. I love beta-ing.

In other bizarre news, I received some art supplies for Christmas and actually started to pretend to draw. I'd forgotten what a difference having nice pencils made, rather than trying to outline something in pen the first time around. So... I'm going to keep doing it. It's fun. And if I ever draw something that looks vaguely like Snape or Remus or something, I'll post it *snrk*. Honestly, I have absolutely no talent at all. But I know if someone else were saying this, I would be all like "no, you should post it!" so there you go. Summer puts her pride where her mouth is, or something.

I still have too many fics in progress. I must finish something.
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