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FIC: Under a Waxing Moon (Snupin, PG-13)

This was the one I wrote for lotrwariorgodss for snupin_santa:

Under a Waxing Moon, Snape/Lupin, PG-13 - 1880 words - A misplaced prank at Hogwarts, 1976 or so. While Remus waits for Severus on the Hogwarts lawn, Severus struggles with issues of trust.

And can I just say how excited I was that snegurochka_lee recced this? :D She said, "On the surface it's romantic and a bit fluffy, but underneath there's a wonderfully nasty current of homophobia, mistrust, and a betrayal we all know is coming." Thank you, dear!

I will have two more fics to announce when the reveals go up. (Speaking of reveals, let me squee once again for kirasha, who wrote the fabulous "Storm Break" for me!! Thank you so much!)
Tags: fics, snape/lupin

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