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Pointless meandering (and where does Tonks live?)

Recently I've been amazingly inundated with RL crap. Unfortunately, this means my writing has been extremely slow going. Fortunately, I really am almost done with my prior commitments. Unfortunately, RL shows absolutely no sign of letting up for a while yet. Fortunately, I have some wonderful friends out there in Internetz land. Group hug - we could all use one, couldn't we?

One of the ways my brain copes with troubled times like this one is to organize - I've been rearranging furniture and transferring notes to a new notebook (and ooh, Moleskine is the most awesome, amazing notebook ever! It's like sex made into paper form and bound with leather... mmm, bound with leather...) Anyway! I always find all sorts of old but interesting things when I do a clean-up like this, so I bring you...

Questions I had immediately after reading the first six books
Note that I hadn't really read interviews or Lexicon articles at this point. Also, I didn't actually own the books, so I couldn't go find my own answers. Thus I made a list (yay lists).

1. Are animagus forms chosen, or are they innate?
This was answered in some interview somewhere, and it was strongly implied that people did not choose their own forms. But, since the form was a direct reflection of the person, it was safe to assume that you would not be stuck with an animagus form that you did not "like."

2. Is "wolfsbane" the name of the potion, really?
Actually, yes. Or rather, no, but it's close: Wolfsbane Potion. "Wolfsbane" is still the stuff that keeps werewolves away (and goes by other names as well, cf Snape's First Speech).

3. Was Snape actually in Slytherin?
Though there is no direct, 100%-conclusive, incontrovertible evidence in the books themselves, JKR has made it clear that Heads of Houses were in the House they now Head. This includes Snape, therefore he was in Slytherin. Canon if you think interviews are canon.

4. Was "the one who I believe has left me forever" referring to Snape?
This is from Voldie's speech at the graveyard scene in GoF (*eta* see comments for more quoting). Chapter 2 of Half-Blood Prince makes it clear which one of Voldemort's two missing DEs was referring to Snape. Also see JKR's interview where she stated unmistakably which was which.

5. Do we know for sure Peter Pettigrew was in Gryffindor?
Honestly, it's amazing to me to remember how naive I was just after reading the books. JKR pulls a lot of switches, but the one thing she doesn't seem to mess around with is House relationships. Gryffindors are Gryffindors, they hang out with Gryffindors, they date Gryffindors. (In a slightly related note, it would literally floor me to find out that Tonks was anything but a Gryffindor in canon - though of course alternate explanations in fanfic are welcome.) For the record, JKR stated somewhere that yes, Peter Pettigrew was in Gryffindor.

By the way, if anyone is desperate for actual citations, I could probably add that to my to-do list. In the meantime, I thought just the synopsis would be interesting enough :).

And finally - my unanswered question!


During the action of Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, where is Tonks' "home base"? A couple of options I see are:

a. She uses her parents' house as home base, just like Bill and Charlie seem to when they're in town.
b. She has a place of her own - possibly in the Muggle world somewhere, just as the Black family home was in the middle of Muggle London.
c. She spends her nights with Charlie in Romania er, I mean, in Oliver Wood's bed, um, or just "visiting friends." Yeah, that's it.

What do you all think? Where does Tonks live?
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