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FIC: Big Enough to Share (Remus/Neville/Harry+"Sirius", hard R)

Normally I'm nowhere close to wank and drama and all that fun stuff... well, this year I was pretty close to it. Remember that kerfluffle about the crack fic over on harry_holidays? The intended recipient happened to be my recipient in another exchange, and since she pulled out my fic went recipient-less.

Now, finally, two months later, I'm posting it here for everyone to read. It only got two comments over there, so leave me some love!

Title: Big Enough to Share
Rating: Hard R
Pairings: Harry/Neville, "Sirius"/Harry, Remus/Neville.
Disclaimer: All of these characters are used without permission.
Warnings/kinks: Polyjuice, voyeurism, wanking.
Author's Notes: Written as part of the sirry_slash Secret Sirry Santa 2006 exchange, to a prompt of "Sirius/Harry, Remus/Neville, Harry/Neville. Polyjuice fantasies ^_~." A HUGE thanks to my lovely betas, sor_bet and klynie1! Remaining mistakes are all me. 2000 words.

Harry was chopping vegetables in the kitchen when Neville came bounding into the room. "You'll never guess, Harry! The most wonderful thing has happened!"

Harry dumped the sliced carrots into the stew and set out the onions, then looked back at Neville, accepting a quick kiss. "Snape finally gave you that promotion you've been talking about."

Neville looked disappointed. "How'd you know?"

"Legilimency." Harry grinned. "No, really, it was a lucky guess. I knew you'd been talking about it, but..." He shrugged. Anything that made Neville this happy was a good thing, even if it did come from someone as thoroughly unpleasant as Severus Snape.

"Yeah," Neville said, his excitement coming back. "I just never really thought - I mean, I'd hoped, but... um, are you... cooking?"

"Remus is coming over for dinner, remember? It's his birthday tomorrow." Harry frowned. "We've been planning it for weeks, Neville, don't tell me you forgot."

"No, I didn't forget." Neville peered into the stew pot. "I was just hoping to get to celebrate tonight."

The onions went in, and then Harry set it to simmer. "We can still celebrate, Nev. Remember last year when Oliver Wood helped us celebrate the Quidditch World Cup? And before that, when Colin Creevey helped us celebrate New Year's Eve?"

"Yeah," Neville said fondly, gazing off into the distance. "That was fun. But surely you don't think Professor Lupin - I mean, Remus - would want to...?"

"Maybe. Maybe not." Harry smiled slyly and put his arms around Neville's neck. "All I'm saying is, don't rule anything out tonight."


Remus showed up with a bottle of wine, which Harry promptly opened and poured for all of them. "We're celebrating," he told Remus as Neville went to get the stew. "Snape gave him a promotion."

Remus looked impressed. "Congratulations, Neville," he said when Neville came back in.

"Thank you, Professor," he replied, ducking his head, and Harry had to smile at the sight.

"Neville, I haven't been your professor in ten years," Remus answered with a smile of his own. Then he looked at the bowl of stew in front of him. "You, ah... made this yourself, Harry?"

"It's perfectly safe." Harry topped off all the wineglasses. "Mrs. Weasley gave me the recipe."

"I wasn't worried!"

"Course not," Neville put in. "Just because the last time Harry cooked anything, it took me three days to get the scorch marks off the ceiling." Remus chuckled, and Harry shot them both a look.

"I've come a long way since then, I'll have you know."

Neville reached across the table and patted his hand. "Sure you have." He winked at Remus.

"Humph." Harry rather liked the way those two were looking at each other. "If you're going to gang up on me, I think I'll have to break out the Firewhisky."

Some time later...

"...and you were the first Defense professor who even called on me, much less praised me in front of another professor - in front of Snape, no less!" Neville's speech was definitely slurred, Harry noted with satisfaction.

Remus' voice was only slightly clearer. "Nonsense, you deserved every word of it." He reached across Harry's lap, the three of them piled in on the couch together, and patted Neville's jean-clad thigh. Harry settled in comfortably between the two men, wondering dreamily what would happen next. He had his answer when Remus spoke again.

"Ah! I almost forgot - Harry, I found another scrapbook, this one from the year your parents were married. I thought you might like to see it?"

"Oh, yeah, that would be brilliant!" Harry grinned. Remus stood up - a trifle unsteadily - and disappeared toward the front hall. Harry's grin didn't fade as he turned and snuggled into Neville, throwing his arm across the other man's chest.

"This is going to be - Oi, what's in your pocket?" Harry squeezed, but the hard length his hand was wrapped around didn't yield. "Or are you just happy to see me?"

Neville's hand closed over his, and he gave a soft snort. "You're off by about two feet. That's my vest pocket." He reached inside his vest and drew out a potions vial, squinting at it. "Oh, my God."

Harry tried to read the tiny handwriting on the label, but found he couldn't focus well enough. "What is it?"

"Snape's going to kill me. It's the test sample of the latest batch of Polyjuice Potion we were doing today. I've got to take it back first thing in the morning - if I forget it, he'll hex me into next week!"

"Go put it in your work robes now," Harry suggested. "Then you won't have to worry about it."

Neville nodded and got to his feet. He hurried across the room towards the front hall, but no sooner had he reached the doorway than Remus came around the corner, scrapbook in hand.

"Harry, here's one of - oof!"

Harry didn't see what happened in the collision, but there was a sudden flutter of parchment pages and then a bubbling, frothing sort of noise. It sounded familiar, actually, but Neville's lean form blocked his view entirely. "What happened?" he asked as he stood up to join them. "Are you both all right?"

He put a hand on Neville's shoulder, drawing him gently back a step. Neville and Remus were both motionless, staring at the vial in Neville's hand, which turned a golden orange sort of color, like fresh honey. "Neville?"

Neville shook himself, as if coming to his senses. "I ran into Remus - sorry, Remus - and I… I must have got something in the potion."

Remus bent down to pick up the scrapbook he'd dropped. It was open to a page with a moving photo of two grinning boys, with a lock of black hair tied beneath. Remus ran his fingers over the hair lightly, and then touched the photo, as if caressing it.

Harry cleared his throat. "Is that…?"

"Sirius," Remus said softly.

Harry met Neville's eye, seeing his own surprise mirrored there. Then Harry's surprise turned to shock as Neville raised the vial to his lips. "What are you - "

"Neville, don't - " Remus broke in, but it was too late.

For a moment nothing happened, except Neville dropping the empty vial. Then he seemed to shudder, raising a hand as if to shade his eyes. Harry and Remus both stared as changes swept over him, his shoulders broadening, his hair lengthening and turning black. When it was complete, there was no doubt that Neville had just transformed into Sirius Black - but it was a Sirius Black that Harry had never known. His face was untouched by Azkaban, and there was a confidence - almost cockiness - in the curve of his lips and the straightness of his back that hadn't been there when Harry met him.

Neville/Sirius dropped his hand, and those piercing grey eyes glanced between Harry and Remus. "So... what do you think?" he said, holding his arms out away from his sides.

Remus made a strangled sort of noise.

"You look so... young," Harry said, wonderingly. He raised a hand to run it across Sirius' shoulder. "Luckily you were almost as tall as Sirius anyway, but..." The shirt was stretched almost to bursting across Sirius' more muscular form.

"Yeah," Neville/Sirius said, glancing down. He reached for the buttons at his neck, but Harry took hold of his hand.

Neville had nice hands, or so Harry had always thought, and these fingers were just as long, just as strong, but somehow finer, more elegant, untouched by the manual labor Neville did every day. Harry turned the hand over, trailing his thumb in a circle around the palm, remembering the many times Sirius had touched him - patting him on the arm, or ruffling his hair, or pulling him into a hug.

Harry brought the palm to his lips and kissed it, slowly and deliberately, letting his lips linger on the soft skin. He looked up to see Sirius' warm grey eyes, lit with love and desire. Harry knew, at least on one level, that it was really Neville he was touching, but something in him insisted that it could have been Sirius.

He stretched up on his toes, only a little more than he had to with Neville, and placed a kiss on Sirius' lips. It could have been Sirius, kissing him back, and those were definitely Sirius' strong arms going around him, Sirius' mouth moving against his. Harry gave up thinking about it and concentrated on the kiss, even as his hands wandered up to card through strands of black hair.

A cough brought Harry back to his senses, and he pulled away somewhat dazedly. "Oh... sorry, Remus. You can help him with his shirt now."

Remus' eyes widened at that, but before he could protest, Neville/Sirius took a step to close the gap between them, reaching up to cup Remus' face gently in his hand. Harry recognized the gesture, but the voice was nothing like Neville's when the man leaned down and murmured, "Hello, Moony."

Harry hadn't been sure that Neville even knew the nicknames the Marauders called each other, but somehow that little detail made him even more aware that however much it looked like Sirius - a young and extremely fit Sirius, even - underneath it was all Neville. Remus, on the other hand, seemed perfectly willing to play along. His hands slipped under Neville's shirt, ripping at the buttons as he pushed it off of Sirius' shoulders.

Neville seemed taken aback by the sudden motion, and when he took a half step back, Remus pressed him forward, pushed him against the wall, and yanked the shirt off entirely.

"That's it," Harry murmured, leaning against the back of the sofa. "Trousers too, Remus."

Neville snapped his gaze to meet Harry's, and a look of understanding passed between them. Remus, meanwhile, had followed Harry's instruction even if he hadn't acknowledged it. Harry's view was obscured by Remus' own body, but he could see Neville's trousers being pushed down, and he knew what Neville had -

It suddenly occurred to him that he was intimately familiar with Neville's body, but right now if Remus moved just a little to the left, he'd be seeing Sirius. Harry's breath caught a little, and he shifted a hand to press against his own growing erection. The pressure was good, but the other two men were kissing again. The sound of their ragged breathing was downright erotic, and Harry needed more. With a soft moan, he undid his own trousers, pulled out his stiffening cock and began to stroke himself.

One of Sirius' hands was pulling Remus in close for the kiss, and the other was somewhere between them - Harry could just imagine those long elegant fingers wrapped around both cocks as they moved against each other. From the way Remus was rocking against the other man, Neville was quickening his pace. Harry sped up his hand as well, his eyes caught on the curve of Remus' arse and the shirt Remus had been in too much of a hurry to take off.

All at once Remus broke off the kiss and threw his head back with an inarticulate cry, his hips jerking wildly. Neville bent his head down, pressing Sirius' mouth against the other man's neck, but Harry couldn't tell if he was licking or kissing or - oh - biting - oh, God. His vision blurred for a moment as he pumped himself out, coming all over his hand. He heard a sharp gasp from someone else - Sirius, or rather Neville, he thought - and then Harry was sliding bonelessly backward onto the couch, the other men out of his sight.

"Brilliant," he heard someone murmur, followed by the rustling of cloth and a few muttered charms. Not a bad idea for himself, but his wand wasn't at hand and he really couldn't be bothered at the moment.

Sirius' face came into view. "All right, Harry?"

"Better than all right." Harry grinned lazily. "Tell Remus the bed's big enough to share."


Sort-of continued in "Some Things Change".
Tags: fics, nc-17, sirius/harry, threesomes

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