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Snupin prompts FTW

I totally did not want to sign up for the lupin_snape Fantasy Fest, but... LOOK! It's James and AU and slashy threesomes!!!

27 -- AU. JP lives. LE’s sacrifice killed LV but left JP shattered single dad. SB taken down by PP or BL. S/R already lovers, but R now busy help/heal/consoling J, who clings to him. S furious, bitter, & jealous, R torn. S bonds w/ baby H. Happy S/J/R end.

*sits on hands* I will wait three more okay, two one more day.

I really wish I could tell whose prompts all of these were. I understand the point of the anonymity, but for me, being able to find out more about the person who is requesting something is a major incentive. So if this prompt was from anyone on my f-list...
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