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FIC: The Chariot (Drawn by Flame and Sea) (Severus/Sirius, R)

My entry into the hp_tarot fest. Also see chibitoaster's art: Drawn by Flame and Sea! <3

Title: The Chariot (Drawn by Flame and Sea)
Length: 2750 words
Main character or Pairing: Severus Snape/Sirius Black, with Dumbledore as the Charioteer
Card: The Chariot
Card Interpretation: "The two animals which draw the Chariot try to go in different directions." Control over things that are by nature in conflict; control over opposing people, or wants, or emotions.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters and most of the rest of it belongs to JKR.
Summary: Sirius Black is forced to view an old opponent in a new light—Dumbledore assigns him to work with Severus Snape on a mission for the Order of the Phoenix. Of course, nothing happens quite the way either of them expected.
Author Notes: In case the title could use explaining: Slytherin's element is water while Gryffindor's is fire :). Thanks to M and J for beta/other help. All remaining mistakes are entirely my own.

( The Chariot (Drawn by Flame and Sea) )
Tags: fics, snack
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