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Snape Rare Slashathon: Time to Post!

A little later than I meant to, but here we go! This post will be the masterlist for completed fics in the 2007 Snape Rare Slashathon exchange. Comment to this entry and include:

1. Your recipient's LJ name
2. Link to your story with rating and warnings

If you need help with any of that just let me know (email: (at) I have a separate post with the header information you should include with the posted fic.


1. An Inescapable Fall by bewarethesmirk written for tripperfunster (Snape/Neville, NC-17)

2. You Have Talent by tripperfunster for bitterfig (Snape/Karkaroff, PG)

3. Bound By Venom by bitterfig for jehove (Snape/Karkaroff, NC-17)

4. Through The Years by mewling for istalksnape (Snape/Dumbledore, rated M)

5. Not Who He Was by istalksnape for midnightinkpot (Snape gen, Minerva, Albus, rated G)

6. Where He Stands by midnightinkpot for mewling (Snape/James, PG-13)

7. Make Up and Kiss by summerborn for bewarethesmirk (Snape/James, Lily, PG-13)

As promised, there will be a special prize for anyone posting their stories on 16 Mar. Tomorrow is the last day to post! (As long as it's not yet midnight in Alaska, I'll let you get by, which should give most parts of the world a few extra hours if needed. ;-)

eta 17 Mar Due to the worst cold I've had in years, I'm headed to bed early tonight. Folks should please be posting asap, and hopefully by tomorrow we'll have all the fics up. Thanks for bearing with me :)

eta 24 Mar Ack. I had the COLD FROM HELL. Anyway, one week later, all but one of the fics are up! Go out and comment if you haven't done so yet - I know I'm about to enjoy all this Snape Rarepair goodness!! I'll be sending out an email to our missing participant and then posting over at snape_rarepairs. And thinking about special prizes for you early posters. Thanks for playing!
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