Summer (summerborn) wrote,

FIC: Make Up and Kiss (Snape/James and Lily, PG-13)

Title: Make Up and Kiss
Author: summerborn
Recipient's LJ name: bewarethesmirk
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Snape/James, with Lily
Word Count: 1034
Author's notes: Sorry about the tremendous lateness! I have no good excuse, just a bunch of bad ones. Anyway, hope you like it, bewarethesmirk! :) *eta* And a big thank you to J for the last-minute readthrough with excellent suggestions.

Summary: Lily's plan to force James to apologize to Severus takes an unexpected turn.

Lily Evans breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Severus waiting in the empty classroom where they used to study together. He was reading a book, probably so he could pass it off as coincidence in case she didn't show up. She didn't blame him for being a little wary.

"All right," she whispered to a sullen-looking James Potter who stood a half-step behind her. "You had better make this good, Potter, or so help me I will never speak to you again."

James sighed and glanced away. "Yeah, I know," he said.

Lily frowned. "I'm serious. If you don't kiss and make up on your own accord, I will cast a spell to make you do it—literally."

"C'mon, Evans, let's get this over with." James looked pained, but Lily had hope. Now if only Severus would accept his apology.

She knocked once and pushed the door all the way open.

Severus looked up, a guarded expression on his face. Lily mouthed a quick "thank you" to him for even agreeing to listen in the first place, and then turned to James.

"Go on," she prompted.

James shot her a look and then stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I just wanted to say..."

Severus got slowly to his feet and crossed his arms in front of his chest. James looked at him, his face darkening, and Lily felt her heart sink.

"Yes?" Severus said, the sneer evident in his voice.

"Right. Can't do it, Evans." James started to turn towards the door, but Lily caught his arm and yanked him back around.

"I meant what I said, Potter." She glanced at Severus, who raised an eyebrow at her. I told you so.

Yeah, thanks. Real helpful, Severus. Lily dropped her hand from James' arm and squared her shoulders. "Then again, I have a better idea. If you won't kiss and make up, then I'll have to do it instead."

Before either boy could react, she stepped forward, took Severus' face in her hands, and leaned up to press her lips firmly against his. There was a strangled sort of noise from James, but Lily didn't dare open her eyes to see the expression on Severus' face.

After a moment, she stepped back, half afraid that Severus was going to hex her, or that James was going to hex Severus.

"What are you—!" James recovered first and pulled his wand as fast as a blink, but Lily plucked it from his fingers.

"I am sick and tired of this—this endless squabbling, James Potter. If you want to show me that you're the better man, then you're going to have to prove it. Kiss. And. Make. Up."

Severus had recovered from his surprise, apparently, because he was now looking smugly at James. "Well, Potter?"

James visibly gathered his nerve and stepped forward. For a second, Lily thought that Severus was going to back away instinctively, but he seemed as determined to stand his ground as James did. A crazy way to play chicken, she thought, somewhat hysterically, as James bent his head slightly and closed the distance between himself and the Slytherin boy.

Lily had a full view. She saw the two sets of lips, both tight with challenge and old rivalry, pressing tight against each other, and then the two boys were moving slightly, as if fighting for position and control of what grew into the longest kiss Lily had ever observed first-hand.

In fact, she realized as she stepped back against the door and fumbled at the lock, this was the first time she'd ever seen two boys kissing. They almost seemed to have forgotten about her. She was having a hard time convincing herself that she wasn't dreaming, actually. She pulled her eyes away from the sight of James' messy hair brushing against Severus' cheeks as they kissed, and flicked her wand at the doorknob with a quick spell to make sure that they would not be overheard.

When she turned back, James had broken away from Severus, and the two boys stood staring at each other. She was used to seeing them look at each other with anger, even hatred, but now the heat had been transformed into something more uncertain, and more primal even than hatred. Lily didn't have much experience with aroused teenage boys, but she read a lot, and she knew what she was seeing: lust.

She cleared her throat, softly, and they turned to look at her, looking startled and guilty. Well, Severus was more startled and James was more guilty. He took a step towards her, still a bit shaky, and started to speak.

"Now, if we're done with that..."

Lily shook her head and knotted her hands behind her to keep them from trembling. "I don't think we're done just yet," she said.

"You can't be serious!" To Lily's surprise, it was Severus that protested. "Why on Earth do you think I would agree to anything more with, with..." He waved a hand in James' direction, unable to articulate his contempt.

James' face darkened. "Believe me, of the two of us you've had the far better end of the deal."

"If you think—"

"Wait a minute!" Lily hated to raise her voice, but if she let the two of them get started down that path, there would be no coming back. "I have a very important reason for asking this of you both."

Severus narrowed his eyes at her. "What are you talking about?"

Slowly, she eased her way across the room and sat down in the chair Severus had been sitting in when she and James arrived. She hitched the hem of her skirt up to the top of her knees, and stroked two fingertips along the inside of her right leg, just to the edge of the skirt.

Two pairs of eyes, one hazel and one dark as midnight, watched her every move.

"Now," she said when she felt she had their full attention. "That was nice, but I would like to see it again, perhaps this time with a little more... enthusiasm."

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