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FIC: A Bedtime Song (Weasleys, G)

Title: A Bedtime Song
Characters: The Weasley Family
Rating: G
Word Count: 620 words
Disclaimer: Characters are JKR's.
Notes: An eensy sliver of not-quite-a-fic, written with emiime's kind permission as the "other side" of her beautiful A Bedtime Story, which you should read if you haven't.

This is the way we wash our feet, wash our feet, wash our feet... Whups, there you are, dear! And ten little toes, all squeaky clean. Does my iddle Ronniekins have clean toes? Yes he does!

Oh, hullo Bill. Hand me Ronnie's pyjamas, won't you?

What's the matter with him?

Oh he did, did he? Was it a scary story?

Come here, Fred darling. What have you got in your mouth?

Ah, that story. Yes, it's true. Hold this, please, Bill. There, you can put it on him... push your hand through, Ronnie.

I know, he is good at that, isn't he?

Oh, you were dressing yourself before you were two, Bill dear. Precocious child. Here, take Fred for a moment while we go to Mummy's room.

There. Now, Ronnie is ready for nursies. Fred, you can sit here with Mummy, all right?

May I go, and yes you may, Bill. Thank you for your help.

There now... it's all right, Freddie. You used to have nursies every night before bed, too.

Yes, you and George both. And all your brothers before you.

Percy too.

No, it doesn't hurt.

Hush-a-bye, baby, in the tree-top...

I'm sorry, darling, but Daddy's the one who tells stories.

Yes, it was a real-true story. Here, give me your hand.

You can't feel it, Fred darling, but he's in there already.

Not for a long time. He's not big enough to come out yet.

Ronnie is too big to go back in.

Give us a hug, Freddie - Mummy loves her hugs, Mummy loves all her boys so much.

Yes, Percy too.

Knee out of Ron's hair, there we are. All right now?

It's time for Ronnie to go to sleep. Hush, little baby, don't say a word... Mummy's going to buy you a mockingbird...

Yes, I know we have Errol, Fred dear. It's just a song. Sh, now.

If that mockingbird won't sing, Mummy's going to buy you a diamond ring...

Shh, shh, Freddie... He's sleeping. Let's go downstairs and see your brothers and Daddy, all right?

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