Summer (summerborn) wrote,

Completed project list

Here's where all fics from my "Mega-List" will eventually make their way. Yay me!

-17. 1000 words of Lily gen for femgenficathon due September 15 and I'm totally not kidding about the deadline.
-16. lameos_maximus fic, Bill/Sirius/Tonks. See latest bit here and get to it.
-15. Gilderoy/Stan. Weep, for I kid not.
-14. Regulus/Bellatrix, pinch-hit for hp_backtosmut. NC-17.
-13. Snape/Dean BWAHAHA. Con virgin. First time. Snape deflowered. Well, *I* thought it was funny.
-12. Snape/Lockhart. *loves me some Rana*
-11. Gift for Snupin Santa '06 at lupin_snape, due November 10. You know tis the awesome.
-10. Gift for sirry_slash. Due sometime around November 17, er, 26. See notes or write fic. *eta* Of course all that's been changed. New notes are elsewhere.
-9. The other one for sirry_slash.
-8. Pinch-hit for swashbucklathon.
-7. Fic for wizard_love. Due Jan 25
-6. The Chariot (for hp_tarot): Severus/Sirius with Dumbledore the Charioteer. Table of all cards. Posting date 3/6.
-5. And also 6 More Things.
Random pinch hit for Snape Rare Slashathon - James/Snape plus Lily.
-4. Coordinate and check-up on all the folks for the Snape Rare Slash-a-thon.
-3. Snape + Plane = joke. AU Snape-o-rama challenge. Snape/Lucius, aren't they cute?
-2. Molly Genfic bunny to go with emiime's Bedtime Story.
-1. Fic for pervy_werewolf's February Fuq 2007. Remus+?, voyeurism.
0. Regulus gen!fic (Ex10) - based on the "one letter, ten words" meme. willfully gave me an E.
Tags: projects

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