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One more exchange

I signed up for hp_summersmut because a) smut is good, and b) it was practically named after me! How cool is that? Anyway, if you've been thinking of writing for an exchange, why not give this one a try? I'd love to know that more folks I know were participating in it. More fun for everyone!

Also, I can't help but scan the list of people's prompts and kinks, and wow, are there some I would really, really like to write! And some that I really, really wouldn't. Heh.

Anywho, this brings my total list of projects-with-deadlines to TWO (not counting Snackfests). Which is manageable. And the Snape/Remus/James is well bunnied and mostly outlined, so I'm feeling good. If I finish, I may pick up one of the other threesomes at the Snupin Fantasy Fest. :D
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