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Happy Friday the 13th!

Because Summer cannot, apparently, go a SINGLE DAY without posting. Whee.

I've been looking over the sign-ups for hp_summersmut. I love wondering who I am going to get, practicing hatching plot bunnies, and in general squeeing over how wonderful fic exchanges are (at least, when I'm only doing one at a time). But a few things have occurred to me as a result of being in a couple of Christmas-time exchanges, and I realized I need to update my original kinks and squicks.

So, I now have a NEW AND IMPROVED kinks and squick post.

Note that it's probably not very interesting for folks who have known me since I did the other one - it's mostly a matter of me taking some things off the list. But I probably also need to elaborate on the characters and characterizations I like, which will be a project for another day (or this afternoon if it's slow XD).
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