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Good, long, H/D post-HBP

I just found out about Endgame, or Big Bang 2, or whatever it's called. Six novella-length H/D post-HBP fics. I read them somewhat obsessively over the past few days. I'd been craving some good Draco stuff, which is odd for me, but it turned out to be good timing. Maybe I was craving Draco because I had just finished reading the Stealing Harry fic and years 1 and 2 of Laocoon's Children (in the Stealingharryverse), and while there was some good and entertaining stuff there, it was *really* putting me off my!Snape. When I got to Snape/Tonks... well, I finished Year 2, because I'm odd about completeness, but I didn't like it.

Anyway, let me differentiate between the six Endgame fics, before I forget.

Abide the Sleeper (H/D, post-HBP) ~ good. This is the one where the Trio has a tent near Harry's parents' house. Solid story, worth reading.

As Time Unfolds Us: A Memoir (H/D, post-HBP) ~ good and JEEBUS CHRIST. Best Draco I've ever seen (I'm not that well-read in fandom, though). Anyway, I loved it but it's majorly emotionally overpowering. Read with caution (or kleenex). Oh, and don't mind the numerous typos.

Life Less Frightening (H/D, post-HBP) ~ actually, not quite as well written as the others, but I still liked the story. This is the one where Harry joins Snape and Draco in hiding, whereas most of the others are Draco joining Harry somewhere.

That Way Lies Camelot (H/D, post-HBP) ~ good. Definitely humorous at times. The trio and Draco all end up in the same Muggle village. I liked it a lot.

A Wave in Endless Water (H/D, post-HBP) ~ good (again). The trio holes up in a house in Godric's Hollow when an old schoolmate comes looking for help. A good story.

Winterwood (H/D, post-HBP) ~ good, but daaaamn. It tells a lot of stories, and they aren't all happy stories, and, well, damn. It ended well, despite being almost painful at times. It still makes it on my "recommended" list.
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