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FIC: Bits of Blue and Gold (Remus/Severus, Remus/other, NC-17)

I entered the Lusty Month of May this year and finished! Woo! Here's a link to the first post; each entry has a link to the next day's entry.

Title: Bits of Blue and Gold (31 chapters)
Author: summerborn
Rating: NC-17 (overall)
Main Pairing: Remus/Severus, with other pairings of Remus/OFC, Remus/OMC, Remus/Tonks, Remus alone, Severus/Lily.
Notes: Canon through HBP; I owe a big thank-you to readers who commented during LMOM to help keep me going and give me ideas.
Word count: 26,000, give or take a thousand. Haven't added it up.

Summary: Remus Lupin, presumed dead after the war, finds himself in need of rent money. He answers an ad and gets into the business of donating memories, but he soon finds them too dear to part with. So he gets into the business of Severus Snape, instead.

Chapter 1 of 31 is here!

Also, there is a poll that members of pervy_werewolf can vote in to determine the grand prize winner, so check that out if you would like! Congrats to all participants, whatever tier and however much you posted!
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Number Thirteen (Snape/Harry, NC-17) ~28,000 words

Fic! Whoa!

This started in November of 2006, when I wrote a whole bunch of kind of random Snape/Harry lovin'. Then, for last summer's fic exchange, hp_summersmut, I got a lovely prompt from unbroken_halo and managed to salvage some, rewrite a lot, and finish the thing. I never posted it here, so please take a look if you haven't. I had a lot of fun with it :).

TITLE: Number Thirteen
REQUESTER: unbroken_halo
AUTHOR: summerborn
PAIRING: Snape/Harry
SUMMARY: Harry and Hermione have been friends for a long time, but he still isn't too sure about her suggestion to use a dating service (especially when that dating service has a reputation for catering to, shall we say, "alternative" tastes). What follows is a mix of passion, disappointment, meddling, and new discoveries, as Harry finds himself facing choices and situations he'd never dreamed of.
WARNINGS: AU. D/s relationships.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written pre-DH, but AU anyway. Many many thanks to the exchange moderator, and to my betas for their help! Any remaining errors or plot holes are entirely my fault. ~28,000 words.

( Number Thirteen )

FIC: A Proper Sort of Girl (Rodolphus/Narcissa, Lucius, NC-17)

The last of my "previously written and recently revealed" fics. While it's not recipient-less, the recipient hasn't read it yet, so I would love any feedback my f-list can give.

Title: A Proper Sort of Girl
Pairings: Rodolphus/Narcissa, plus PG Lucius/Narcissa
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3690
Warnings: Implied infidelity (see pairing)
Disclaimer: Characters and setting belong to JKR etc.
Author's Notes: Tremendous thanks are due to klynie1 for the beta, though I added a bunch after she looked at it. Remaining mistakes are all mine!
Prompt: Written for wizard_love het smut exchange, to the request "a little plot and a little angst, especially if it all works out in the end." Title lifted from a completely unrelated Great Big Sea song.

Summary: Narcissa Black wants a fiery, passionate lover, but she is engaged to... Lucius Malfoy. And she must do the right thing, just as soon as she figures out what that is.

( A Proper Sort of Girl )

FIC: Something You Should Know (Remus/Harry, Sirius/Harry, NC-17)

Back in December I picked up a pinch hit for the sirry_slash Santa exchange, and the plot grew and multiplied and ATE my BRAIN. And now I bring it to you! It is actually more Remus/Harry than Sirius/Harry, although the pairings are (by nature of the plot) somewhat ambiguous throughout part of the story. /cryptic

If this sounds interesting, please read and leave me feedback. If you don't like plotty stories, well, read for the smut! :-D

Title: Something You Should Know
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry
Disclaimer: Characters and setting belong to JKR.
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: I owe so much to klynie1, who saw this in VERY rough form and must have looked at five totally different versions. Much love and thanks also to hasaidreamer and mnemosyne_1, who came through with crucial beta help at a late date, and also to sor_bet for being fresh eyes for one last read through.
Prompt: Originally written for richan_mmi as part of the sirry_slash Santa 2006 exchange, who requested Sirius/Harry (secondary pairings: Harry/Remus, Remus/Tonks) with the prompt "Someone in the Order finds a way to bring Sirius back - anyone but Harry"; richan_mmi listed no kinks to include, and asked there to be no major squicks. In the end, I couldn't write Remus/Tonks in this one, but the rest worked out okay.
Wordcount: 9,605

Summary: Post-war. Tonks has found a way to bring Sirius back, but the requirements are... strict. When do the ends justify the means? Remus must deal with his own feelings as he does what he has to do to give Harry back his godfather.

( Something You Should Know )

FIC: Big Enough to Share (Remus/Neville/Harry+"Sirius", hard R)

Normally I'm nowhere close to wank and drama and all that fun stuff... well, this year I was pretty close to it. Remember that kerfluffle about the crack fic over on harry_holidays? The intended recipient happened to be my recipient in another exchange, and since she pulled out my fic went recipient-less.

Now, finally, two months later, I'm posting it here for everyone to read. It only got two comments over there, so leave me some love!

Title: Big Enough to Share
Rating: Hard R
Pairings: Harry/Neville, "Sirius"/Harry, Remus/Neville.
Disclaimer: All of these characters are used without permission.
Warnings/kinks: Polyjuice, voyeurism, wanking.
Author's Notes: Written as part of the sirry_slash Secret Sirry Santa 2006 exchange, to a prompt of "Sirius/Harry, Remus/Neville, Harry/Neville. Polyjuice fantasies ^_~." A HUGE thanks to my lovely betas, sor_bet and klynie1! Remaining mistakes are all me. 2000 words.

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Sort-of continued in "Some Things Change".

FIC: Just Because (Regulus/Bellatrix, NC-17)

Title: Just Because
Pairing: Bellatrix/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Regulus receives a visit from Bellatrix – his older, more experienced, and let's not forget Death Eater, cousin.
Warnings: Bondage, dubious consent, rough sex.
Author's Note: Written for lazaray for hp_backtosmut. Thanks to two helpful and speedy betas (emiime and almostblue); thanks to stephanometra for herding cats in a thunderstorm. 1900 words.

( Just Because )

FIC: With a Whirl and a Twirl (Bill/Sirius/Tonks, NC-17)

TITLE: With a Whirl and a Twirl
AUTHOR: summerborn
PAIRING: In alphabetical order, Bill/Sirius/Tonks
PROMPT: Prompt by ragdoll for lameos_maximus.
During the year of OoTP, a bored, frustrated and trapped-in-Grimmauld Place Sirius needs a little distraction by his fellow Order members.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: 11,275 words. Disclaimer: as usual. A huge thanks to sor_bet, anneline, and authenticity for all the amazing help. And thanks to the wonderful ragdoll for such a great prompt! I would like to apologize profusely for the extreme tardiness of this fic, but I hope it was worth the wait.

p.s. This prompt was claimed for ART by violetfishy. Not work safe!

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FIC: Time and Again (Snape/Lupin/Snape, NC-17)

TITLE: Time and Again
PAIRING: Snape/Lupin/Snape?
SUMMARY: If Remus had known a threesome would be like this, he would have suggested it years ago.
DISCLAIMER: Characters are property of JKR and her designated representatives. Used without permission. Lawsuits will not be appreciated.
WARNINGS: Er, threesome. Technically speaking. :D Plus, you know, gay wizard sex.
NOTES: For the Fantasy Fest '06, tabiji requested: Threesome smut w/ a twist! Using ( possible spoiler ), SS schemes a way to join "himself" & RL (adults, est. relationship) for a 3-way, with SS fucking RL while RL fucks the "other" SS. *fans self* :D — 3800 words.

( 'Time and Again' )