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On masterlists and indices

It has come to my attention that my fic index here on LJ is out of date, as is my IJ community summerfic, where I index all stories. There are at least three I can see to add to the latter, so I'm working on getting all the links and stuff straightened out so I can post them (omg, it is so much easier to do that at the time something goes up!). Hopefully I'll post the first of them by tomorrow sometime.

Anyway, all this occurred to me while I was eying remixredux08's info. I feel like Will Ferrell from Elf: What's a remix?!?! I want one!!

Of course, it's not likely I'll be part of it, all things considered, but it's nice to know it's there, anyway.

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Now. Hi! If you're looking for my fics, you might like this index of my fics, which lists pairing, rating, title, length, and a brief description for everything I've posted on LJ. If, on the other hand, you're here to get to know me, you might check out one of the following:
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Fics I'm working on; other updates

In case you missed it, WB moved the release date of the Order of the Phoenix movie back to July 11 (at least in North America). It doesn't make any difference to me, because I'm going to take the day off of work anyway (and I'll probably see it at midnight the night before, anyway).

Anyway, so, hi! I'm ready to put Strikethrough '07 behind me, and get on with my fic writing. Personal life is looking up (more on that later*), and the days are getting longer and longer. I really do love summertime.

Fic writing looks mainly like this:
  • James/Remus/Snape for lupin_snape Fantasy Fest - really close to done, dammit.
  • Major project for hp_summersmut - amazing first draft; needs a lot of work. I'm really, really excited about this one.
  • Snackfest at 12am_nosh - I've resigned one prompt to the bin and am focusing only on the collab with chibitoaster.
  • lupin_snape Dark Side of Snupin Challenge - I do have a title: Severance Pay. *pets teh awesome title*

IN OTHER NEWS, in case you did not know, Moleskine journals are awesome. I have two that I use normally (one pocket size squared, one large size ruled) and I ADORE them beyond all reason. But! I have recently acquired one of their new City Notebooks, the one for London, and I am trebly thrilled. First of all, it's Moleskine; secondly, London is cool; and C) I am so going there. It has a fold out map and lots of little maps and places to write things and an expandable inner pocket and it's just fantastic.

Last but not least, I need to speak to a Percy Weasley expert. Anyone available? *bats eyelashes*

* - For any new-ish friends, I don't add people to my real life filter by default but if you're interested, just say the word and you're in.

One more exchange

I signed up for hp_summersmut because a) smut is good, and b) it was practically named after me! How cool is that? Anyway, if you've been thinking of writing for an exchange, why not give this one a try? I'd love to know that more folks I know were participating in it. More fun for everyone!

Also, I can't help but scan the list of people's prompts and kinks, and wow, are there some I would really, really like to write! And some that I really, really wouldn't. Heh.

Anywho, this brings my total list of projects-with-deadlines to TWO (not counting Snackfests). Which is manageable. And the Snape/Remus/James is well bunnied and mostly outlined, so I'm feeling good. If I finish, I may pick up one of the other threesomes at the Snupin Fantasy Fest. :D

zomg. She lives.

Holy CRAP. I have been so out of it. I had the worst cold of my adult life, and it knocked me out for days on end. Anyway, the Snape Rarepair Slashathon is up, including my Snape/James+Lily pinch hit, BUT ...

I totally forgot to thank my beta. J, I really appreciated your help with this one. I owe you like you have no idea. So THANK YOU!

In other news, I may actually get around to writing more fic soon. Snape/Narcissa, Harry/Neville/Remus, and AU!James/Snape/Lupin all coming up.

Last but not least, I love reading your guys' real life posts, and sometimes I want to share real life stuff of my own. Anyone interested? I would probably friends-lock everything, just so people can choose to either see it or just get the fandom stuff, but anyone would be welcome to read along. Mostly this is me getting ready for grad school, occasional love life issues, moving across the country, starting a new life, that kind of thing.

Thank God for my muses

I think I am over my "writing is hard D:" phase. I'm sooo close to done with the fic for wizard_love and I'm pretty pleased, even if it is het ;-). Meanwhile, on the horizon I have not one, not two, but *three* Severus/Sirius stories, one of which is a collab with the fabulous chibitoaster. And I have Snape/Lupin bunnies hard at work, prepping for a few non-challenge ideas and looking forward to the Fantasy Fest 2007.

MEANWHILE. I have a Valentine for Valentine's Day. *is pleased*

Only a bit behind

Snarry Nano: over 20,000 words. Wheeee. I figure since it's a non-magic AU, I can change the names and call it original fic if I want. Hee.

Sirius Nano: Lily and Snape just interacted! Now I have no idea what happens next. I think I'm going to throw my outline out the window. Lily's story seems much more interesting than Sirius', at the moment. Wordcount: 16,119.

Snupin Santa: SO. CLOSE. I'm really almost finished. Really. *crosses fingers*

There's another exchange and a few other ideas in my head, but I'm not wasting my Nano-time on them! I am wasting it on posting a journal entry, reading my friends-list, and signing up for wizard_love, though. Ah well.