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FIC: As Fast As He Can (Regulus, Snape, PG-13)

Many moons ago, I took another letter in the "one letter, ten words" meme. willfully gave me "E", and I decided to turn ten e-words into a fic. And when my brain wibbles between Snape/Lupin and Snape/Lucius, I get Regulus gen!fic. Go figure.

Title: As Fast As He Can
Characters: Regulus Black, Severus Snape
Rating: PG-13 for implied violence
Summary: Ten scenes from Regulus Black's life over the span of ten years. When Sirius abandons him, Regulus seeks approval from another source, but he finds that the Death Eaters cannot give him what he wants.
Wordcount: 3200
Notes: Characters belong to JKR. Thanks to klynie1 for the beta work! You made this one a ton better.
Warning: It's Regulus, and not AU, so you know how it ends.

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Feedback is very much appreciated.

Meet my twin, Regulus Black

I just did that "which celebrities do you look like" thing, and my top celebrity match was Tarkan.



Helloooooo, Regulus Black.

chibitoaster already knows how gorgeous Tarkan is, but if you don't, a quick search on Google would show you what I mean. OR! Watch this YouTube video (yeah, he's a Turkish singer). Stick through the music (it's catchy!) or watch on mute to see him dance. o__O

And by the way, what kind of crazy match is that? The only similarity between him and me is a vague chin shape.